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Producten van Catalyst Game Labs
Dragonfire Adventures The Trollclaws
Monstrous hunger shall not be denied in this second installment of the Dragonfire Adventures. New encounters await, guarding precious treasures for the stalwart adventurer.

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Shadowrun Slip Streams
Nothing but ShredsNothing is real. Everything is realWhat you think is real rips and shreds, and the unreality beneath spills out. Everything you dreamed of. Everything you fear. The past returns, distorted and dark. The future sparks in glimpses and flashes. You see it all at once. You can try to deny it. But it is real. Everything is real. Which is that same as nothing being real.Reality is tearing apart. The holes are everywhere. Dive into them.Slip Streams is a plot book advancing the story of Shadowrun, Sixth World.

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Super Camelot - Bordspel
Super Camelot is a competitive board game where players take turns using their favorite Arthurian characters to flip tiles, enter designated areas which get populated with monsters, intractable terrain, treasures and more! As players explore, they will come across items and gems. The first player to collect 40 gems worth of points wins the game. As an alternate condition to winning the game, players can find a combination of three magical artifacts; earth, wind and fire and then return to the starting zone to collect the holy grail and claim victory immediately. Be careful though, the world you explore has many dangers and if you take too much damage you lose a turn. So stand fast knights and quest for success and victory in Super Camelot!

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Dragonfire Heroes of the Sword Coast
Dragonfire is a three to six player cooperative deckbuilder game set in the world’s greatest roleplaying game setting, Dungeons & Dragons. Play any of hundreds of different class and race combinations from the tabletop RPG that started it all, tackling encounters from the deepest dungeons to barren wilderness to darkest cities.


€ 29,95