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n THE GREAT MOGUL'S COFFERS, you will find diverse mini-expansions that you can use to enrich the basic RAJAS OF THE GANGES game – among them, BLESSINGS OF KEDARNATH (previously published as a Bretterwisser postcard), the CATTLE expansion, ROADS OF THE MOGUL EMPIRE, the GANGA module 3 with new tiles and new rules for the river, plus further modules than can be used to vary the basic game. 7 mini-expansions which can be combined with the basic game and as well with the BOX #1

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Soort spel: Uitbreiding
Taal: Duits, Engels, Frans
Categorie: Bordspellen, Gezelschapsspellen, Strategische spellen

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Rajas of the Ganges
India in the 16th century. The empire is ruled by the Great Mogul Akbar the countless provinces, however, are under the control of the local Hindu princes, the rajas. The rajas compete with each other for power and prestige. Hinduism and the caste system shape people's lives. Taking on the role of rajas, players control the destiny of their princedom and develop their province by using the caste system, trading with goods, and traveling along the Ganges. But the Gods also influence their fate. Good karma, but also other ways lead to wealth and fame.

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Rajas of the Ganges Goodie-Box 1
"In The Great Mogul's Coffers, you will find diverse mini-expansions and modules that you can use to enrich and vary your basic Rajas of the Ganges game. This coffer (Goodie Box 1) contains 3 Ganges modules that were previously published as parts of limited edition runs of the ""Brettspieladventskalender"" (Board Game Advent Calendar) and the ""Deutsche Spielepreis Goodie Box"": Mango Village, Shalimar Gardens (Snake Expansion), and Tiger Expansion. In addition, the modules The Test of Fate and The Gemstone Trader are at your disposal, plus 2 new tiles each for Mango Village and for the river.All modules are mutually compatible. "

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