Yu-Gi-Oh: Spirit Warriors - Booster

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Spirit Warriors - Booster
The newest 60-card booster set, Spirit Warriors, takes full advantage of the latest updates to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME! Link Monsters, the Extra Monster Zones, and strategic card placement are key elements in the Decks that can be built from the cards in this set. Spirit Warriors welcomes back a long-time favorite theme in addition to introducing 2 brand-new Deck themes! A booster contains 5 cards.

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Extra informatie
Categorie: Trading Cards Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh Boosters
Artikelnummer: KDE YU304
Datum toegevoegd 24 aug. 2017
Barcode 4012927547809
Fabrikant Konami
Taal Engels
Bestel nu - Yu-Gi-Oh: Spirit Warriors - Booster
€ 4,00

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