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Weiß Schwarz: Love Live! - Trial Deck


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Weiß Schwarz: Love Live! - Trial Deck
Preconstructed Deck with 50 card in English.

Dance and sing to the tune of [Love Live!] with the fair maidens of the school idol project! Play with cheerful and sweet characters from the hit animation [Love Live! School Idol Project] who will entertain with their catchy dances and songs! This full pre-constructed deck guarantees to charm and delight new and veteran players alike!

- 22 types of cards with 14 Trial Deck exclusive cards.
- Rule sheet, deck manual, playbook, and playmat included.
- 50 cards per deck
- Same content for each deck

Extra informatie
Categorie: Trading Cards Weiß / Schwarz TCG Trial Decks Aanbiedingen
Artikelnummer: WS-TD-271940-EN
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Fabrikant Bushiroad
Taal Engels
EAN code 4582451271957

Weiß Schwarz: Love Live! - Trial Deck.

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