Wargames terrain mat - 3x3 supernova theme

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Wargames terrain mat - 3x3 supernova theme

Terrain mat for miniature wargames, ideal as stand-alone scenery or background for the usual terrain elements. Features: 
- Dimensions: 3’x3’ (91,5 x 91,5 cm)

PVC mat: 
- Made from high durability PVC 
- Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture 
- Resistant to scratch and tear as well as dirt stains 
- Compatible with water based pens 
- Shipping tubes can be used as easy storage 
- The choice for a sturdy and cost friendly battlefield

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Categorie: Miniatuurspellen Star Trek Attack Wing Star Wars X-wing Star Wars: Armada Playmats
Artikelnummer: supernova
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Taal Engels
EAN code 0000006813

Wargames terrain mat - 3x3 supernova theme.

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