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The Game - English

The Game - English
The Game: Are You Ready to Play? is a cooperative card game for one to five players. Together, they must try to play all of the cards, numbered 2 through 99, into four piles - two piles with ascending numbers and two with descending numbers. The hook is that the players are not allowed to announce the numbers they have in their hand during the game. Play ends when a player cannot play any cards in hand on their turn. The trick is, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone else what cards you have, so you’ll constantly be on edge as each card played could upset your best-laid plans. The Game is for 1- 5 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in about 20 minutes.

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Extra informatie
Categorie: Kaartspellen Kaartspellen
Artikelnummer: IDW00946
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Fabrikant IDW Games
Speelduur 20 min
Leeftijd 8+
Aantal spelers 1-4
Taal Engels
EAN code 0000006919

The Game - English.

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