Star Wars X-wing 2.0 Starter Miniatures Game

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Enter the next era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy! Out of the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set, you can start to assemble your own squadron of iconic starfighters from across the Star Wars saga and engage in fast-paced, high-stakes space combat with iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Iden Versio. With refined gameplay that focuses on the physical act of flying starships, X-Wing Second Edition lets you create your own Star Wars space battles right on your tabletop. Intuitive mechanics create the tense atmosphere of a firefight while beautifully pre-painted miniatures draw you deeper into the action. Man your ships and enter the fray!The X-Wing Second Edition Core Set contains two TIE/ln fighter miniatures and one T-65 X-wing miniature, along with all of the maneuver templates, dials, cards, dice, and rules that you need to play the game.
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Extra informatie
Datum toegevoegd5 mei 2018
FabrikantFantasy Flight Games
Speelduur50 min
Aantal spelers2
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