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Pokemon: Theme Deck: Volcanion - Steam Siege


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Pokemon: Theme Deck: Volcanion - Steam Siege

The set’s description says “Long years of stability come to an end when Shiny Mega Gardevoir-EX lays siege to the mighty Gear Palace with a host of greedy forces. The Mythical Steam Pokemon Volcanion must wield the dual powers of Fire and Water to stop them!” This seems to be giving us some plot hints about the Volcanion and Magearna movie, such as shiny Mega Gardevoir being a traitor (or perhaps being used by Jarvis, the bad guy).

Een Theme Deck bevat 60 kaarten om het spel mee te spelen.

Extra informatie
Categorie: Trading Cards Pokemon Decks
Artikelnummer: POC379-1
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Fabrikant The Pokemon Company
Taal Engels
EAN code POC379-1-1

Pokemon: Theme Deck: Volcanion - Steam Siege .

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