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Magic The Gathering- Gift Pack bevat:

4 Core Set 2019 Boosters,
5 exclusieve Foil Creature kaarten,
5 Foil Basic Lands
1 Themed Spindown life counter

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Wizards of the Coast

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EAN: 630509686063
Uitgever artikelnummer: WOC C4765
Taal: Engels
Categorie: Trading Cards, Magic Kaarten, Magic Special Boxen

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Magic: Commander Collection: Black
Commander Collection: Black is a boxed set of eight reprinted cards themed to one color and what it does best—in this case black, the color of ruthlessness and opportunity. These cards have been selected to showcase iconic black strategies in Commander, and each one has been given brand-new art with loads of references to popular legendary characters. They'll be right at home in your favorite black deck alongside their legendary counterparts!

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Talisman 4th Edition - The City
Talisman (fourth edition): The City Expansion provides players with six new characters, three alternative endings, its own deck, and a host of shops for all your questing needs. Collect bounties listed on the Wanted Posters at the City Gate and fill your pockets with gold before doing some serious spending. Secure a steed from the Stables, pick up Pets or Potions, or head to the Armoury and the Magic Emporium. Visit The City in Talisman as you compete for the Crown of Command!

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Magic: Zendikar Rising - Prerelease Pack
De Zendikar Rising Prerelease pack is ideaal geschikt om thuis of via een webcam met vrienden de prerelease te spelen.  Contents:6 Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters 1 foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Zendikar Rising1 Spindown life counter1 MTG Arena code card

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Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 - Hidden Pathways
This boxed set features ten full-art Pathway lands in premium foil with brand-new art from ten of Magic's best artists (Paul Scott Canavan, Alayna Danner, Piotr Dura, Grady Frederick, Donato Giancola, Yeong-Hao Han, Adam Paquette, Lucas Staniec, Jokubas Uogintas, and Johannes Voss) depicting the Planes of Kaldheim and Zendikar. In Ultimate Edition 2, the six Pathway lands originally printed in Zendikar Rising are feature art showcasing the Plane of Kaldheim, and the four Pathway lands coming in Kaldheim feature art showcasing the Plane of Zendikar instead. Contents:10 borderless foil modal double-faced Pathway land cardsExclusive plane swapped art—lands previously only seen on Zendikar are now depicted on Kaldheim, and vice versa5 plastic card holders

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Magic: Double Masters VIP Edition
Each VIP Edition pack contains 33 Cards and 2 Foil Double-Sided Tokens:Contents:2 foil showcase rares or mythics2 foil rares or mythics8 foil uncommons9 foil commons12 full-art basic lands (2 are foil)

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