Living Planet - Bordspel

Living Planet - Bordspel
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Aantal spelers1-4Leeftijd14+Speelduur30-120 min

In Living Planet, each player portrays one major Galactic Corporation exploiting the distant planet MYC.14.250. Each one of them is eager to industrialize the planet and generate as much profit as possible before the planet self-destruction.

To do so, you'll have to explore the Planet to grow the map. You'll manage your team to extract resources with factory buildings you would have constructed, and trading resources at the stock market to make money. And above anything else, you'll have to handle cataclysms generated by the Planet. But cataclysms don't happen randomly, players trigger them through their actions, using their card set. Confrontation between player will take place through the Planet.

Players will alternately take the leader role for each turn. Each turn follows a specific game turn sequence. Every player will have some actions to accomplish at a turn, in the order the Leader would have chosen, resolving the sequence : Resources production - Action (Explore, Move, Construct, Trade…) - Cataclysms.

At the end of the game each player will earn victory points based on how much money they own and how many buildings and vehicles they control.

Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Datum toegevoegd 16 mrt. 2019
Barcode 3760184940253
Soortspel Bordspel
Soortspel N/B
Fabrikant Ludically
Speelduur 30-120 min
Leeftijd 14+
Aantal spelers 1-4
Taal Engels
Artikelnummer ASMLIPL01
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