Little Monsters

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Little Monsters
2-610+20 min
But wait, it is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, cards drawn are secretive and only known to the player drawing them. Players can guess at the total Baby Points of each other by the number of cards they drew, but not the exact Baby Points acquired. A player with 8 cards might only have an actual total of 9 Baby Points while a player who drew 5 cards could already be sitting on 10 Baby Points! This is where players try to match the amount of cards by drawing at least as many cards or more than their opponents in order to ensure their victory.

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Extra informatie
Categorie: Kaartspellen Kaartspellen
Artikelnummer: MVL002
Datum toegevoegd 19 okt. 2017
Soortspel Kaartspel
Fabrikant Medieval Lords
Speelduur 20 min
Leeftijd 10+
Aantal spelers 2-6
Taal Engels
EAN code 0691054986893
Bestel nu - Little Monsters
€ 22,95

Levertijd: meer dan 3 weken

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