Lanterns Harvest Festival

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€ 39,95
Aantal spelers2-4Leeftijd8+Speelduur30 min
The harvest is in and the artisans are hard at work preparing for the upcoming festival. Decorate the palace lake with floating lanterns and compete to become the most honored artisan when the festival begins. In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players have a hand of tiles depicting various color arrangements of floating lanterns, as well as an inventory of individual lantern cards of specific colors. When you place a tile, all players (you and your opponents) receive a lantern card corresponding to the color on the side of the tile facing them. Place carefully to earn cards and other bonuses for yourself, while also looking to deny your opponents. Players gain honor by dedicating sets of lantern cards — three pairs, for example, or all seven colors — and the player with the most honor at the end of the game wins.

Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Barcode 859930005025
Soortspel Nvt
Soortspel N/B
Fabrikant Nvt
Speelduur 30 min
Leeftijd 8+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Taal Engels
Artikelnummer RGD05025
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