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16+10 min
Lonpos is an innovative game of patience, accompanied by continuous challenges, intelligence training and long-lasting fun in playing! It consists of 12 building blocks in various forms. The player starts with a given problem consisting of a small number of building blocks. The goal is to eliminate each given problem by moving the building blocks into a triangle or rectangle (according to the version of the game) or building a pyramid with the remaining building blocks. You almost feel like you are hunting for treasure – you know that both adults and children love these types of games! On the way to becoming a Lonpos expert, the player develops further skills in spatial thinking, geometry, trains the short-term memory – all of these are also standard categories of an IQ test. For young players, motor skills are trained by raising, lowering, turning over and rotating the small building blocks. Because there are only 12 building blocks per game, Lonpos doesn’t create such a confusing mess as is the case, for example, with a 1000- piece puzzle.

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Categorie: Puzzels Breinbrekers
Artikelnummer: SG-LP101
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Speelduur 10 min
Leeftijd 6+
Aantal spelers 1
Taal Nederlands
EAN code 5414301513247
Bestel nu - IQ-Puzzler
€ 10,95

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