Great Western Trail

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Great Western Trail
2-412+180 min
In Great Western Trail, you are rival cattlemen in 19th century America, herding cattle in a circular trail around the state of Texas. Your cattle are then shipped by train, earning you money and victory points. Hire capable staff, such as cowboys to improve your herd, craftsmen to build your cattle posts, or engineers for the railroad line. Upon each arrival at the destination station, have your most valuable cattle in tow. The winner is the player who manages their herd best and exhibits good timing in mastering the opportunities and pitfalls of the Great Western Trail. This game is designed by Alexander Pfister (“Mombasa”).

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Extra informatie
Categorie: Kaartspellen Kaartspellen
Artikelnummer: SG8024
Datum toegevoegd 8 okt. 2016
Fabrikant Stronghold Games
Speelduur 180 min
Leeftijd 12+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Taal Engels
EAN code 0696859265990
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€ 71,95

Levertijd: meer dan 3 weken

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