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The FINAL FANTASY franchise features some of the most iconic Boss characters in video game history, and many of them will be found in our newest set, OPUS IX: LORDS & CHAOS. The villains’ powerful abilities and summons will help you dominate your opponents. It should help not only strengthen existing decks, but even bring about new strategies centered around these imposing presences.

"In a world where power and chaos dominate, will you be able to take the throne...?"

Opus IX enhances the play experience and collectability, featuring popular characters from titles such as FINAL FANTASY IV, VI, VIII, XIV, XV, Mobius FINAL FANTASY, and more! This set features exclusive, original art from the following FINAL FANTASY veterans:

- Isamu Kamikokuryo: "FINAL FANTASY XII" 
- Toshiyuki Itahana: "MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY" 
- Akira Oguro: "FINAL FANTASY IV" 
- Toshitaka Matsuda: "MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY" 

Booster packs include: 12 cards total, with 1 Premium Foil card

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