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Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 10 - Boosterbox

Merk: Square Enix

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Mighty heroes of myth, horrific daemon lords, and revered sages are the keepers of balance and the guardians of chaos. Get ready to use the inhuman power of these legendary figures to defeat your rivals and reach the top!Final Fantasy TCG Opus X: Ancient Champions features numerous characters whispered of in myth and legend. Experience the power of these epic figures in your games of FFTCG! Opus X also sees the introduction of the new key word “Damage,” which initiates unique text effects once a player has taken a specified amount of damage. This opens up further tactical options, such as deliberately taking damage or holding off from dealing it in the early game, leading to even more exciting late-game developments than ever seen before.Opus X enhances the play experience and collectability, featuring popular characters from the fan-favorite series. This set features exclusive, original art from these Final Fantasy veterans: Yasuhisa Izumizawa, Ryoma Ito, Rubi Asami, Isamu Kamikokuryo, Toshitaka Matsuda en Akira Oguro.FFTCG Opus X will comprise 130 standard cards + 162 premium cards – 10 exclusive cards from the new 2 player starter sets Wraith VS Knights  plus a whopping 22 special full art cards! Each booster pack contains 12 cards total, including 1 premium foil card. A boosterbox contains 36 boosters.


Taal: Engels
EAN: 662248827544
Productnummer: SQUFFOP10


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