Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 1 - Boosterbox

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Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 1 - Boosterbox
The FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game (“FFTCG”) is the result of a close collaboration between Hobby Japan and Square Enix. Designed by former trading card game champion Taro Kageyama, the game received high praise for its blend of strategy, luck and fast-paced gameplay making it very versatile and appealing to all kinds of audiences. The first set, entitled Opus 1, will feature 216 cards with iconic designs from highly acclaimed artists including Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshitaka Amano and Akihiko Yoshida, covering nearly 30 years of FINAL FANTASY. New cards themed after FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, DISSIDIA, and WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY will also make their debut in Opus 1.Each card in Opus 1 will also have a premium “foil” version, making this set a must have for all the collectors out there. Een booster bevat 13 kaarten waarvan er 1 foil is. Een boosterbox bevat 36 booster.

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Categorie: Trading Cards Final Fantasy TCG
Artikelnummer: SQUFFOP1-1
Datum toegevoegd 10 okt. 2016
Taal Engels
EAN code 4988601326636

Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 1 - Boosterbox.

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