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Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command


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Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command
Markus, Watch Captain. Covenant is his city, and Captain Markus is obsessed with its order. The increased threat from the dinosaurs of Dargothian Valley, combined with the insurgency led by the rebel Paros, has hardened his resolve. He is the Defender of Covenant. He will wipe out all danger to his city, inside and out. Peace comes at the end of his sword.

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Categorie: Kaartspellen Kaartspellen
Artikelnummer: WWG307-1
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Fabrikant White Wizard Games
Taal Engels
EAN code 852613005176

Epic Card Game: Tyrants - Markus' Command.

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