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Ascension Rise of Vigil

€ 39,95

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Ascension Deckbuilding Game (Third Edition)

Ascension Deckbuilding Game (Third Edition)

€ 39,95

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Ascension Rise of Vigil
2-413+30 min
Harness the all new Treasure cards to unlock powerful Energize abilities of all new Heroes and Constructs. Playable as a stand-alone 1-4 player game, or combine with other Ascension games to explore the world of Vigil with up to 6 players! Experience the strategy and tactics of the * award-winning deckbuilding game designed by Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Champions!

Extra informatie
Categorie: Kaartspellen Kaartspellen Ascension
Artikelnummer: GGS005
Datum toegevoegd 8 jul. 2016
Fabrikant Stone Blade Entertainment
Speelduur 30 min
Leeftijd 13+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Taal Engels
EAN code 857789002042

Ascension Rise of Vigil.

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