Solo Archon Adaptive

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12:00 - 16:30


Spellenhuis Haarlem


Tickets nog beschikbaar


Entree: €3,-

Prijzen: tokens etc.

Each round of this tournament consists of best-of-three matches. For the first game of each match, players use
their own decks. For the second game, each player swaps decks with his or her opponent and plays using his or
her opponent’s deck.
If the third game occurs, players bid chains to use the deck which won both of the previous games. The player
who brought the deck starts by bidding 0 chains, and then the players take turns outbidding each other until a
player declines to bid higher. The player who bid the highest uses that deck for the third game (with their bid
number of chains applied at the start).


Aanmelden voor dit evenement is momenteel niet mogelijk.