12 Thieves

€ 32,95

Levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen

12 Thieves
2-48+50 min
The sun is going down and dusk is slowly descending upon the cities silhouette. The shadows in the alleyways are getting longer and becoming darker. The Bazaar slowly empties and the honorable citizens make their way home. This is the time when the players send out their 12 thieves for their competition to steal the most treasures from the palaces, watched by the guards. But the guards can be bribed and used by the players for their own purpose.

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Extra informatie
Categorie: Bordspellen Gezelschapsspellen
Artikelnummer: 10341
Datum toegevoegd 8 apr. 2017
Barcode 10341-1
Soortspel Bordspel
Fabrikant Queen Games
Speelduur 50 min
Leeftijd 8+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Taal Duits, Engels, Frans, Nederlands
Bestel nu - 12 Thieves
€ 32,95

Levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen

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